AMTS - Aviation Maintenance Tracking System.  Alto Computer System's Aviation Maintenance Software
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AMTS is your own Maintenance database hosted at  You add your Parts, like "Airframes", "Engines", "Third Stage Turbine Wheels" and then assign Maintenance Requirements to them.

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The Maintenance Requirements can be "One Time Only", "Life Limited", or "Recurrent".  They can be regulated requirements such as Air Worthiness Directives or just reminders for you.

Update the log of a single component, such as an airframe, and all the components currently attached (e.g. engines, Turbine wheels attached to the engines, etc.) are automatically updated, and log entries made.

The Forecast section tells you when they are due - you specify how many hours, days or cycles you want to look ahead (AMTS remembers your preferences), and AMTS gives you a consolidated report.

Once you update a record of Maintenance, the record is retained in the database for future reference at anytime.

Create Purchase Orders and add items to the inventory as you receive them. Yes you can use a Bar Code scanner with AMTS. Search the system to see every purchase you made for a particular part - including the Vendor and at what price.

We understand that your needs may not match our product at this time, however as our product evolves, you may find the nature of it's flexibility will suit your needs better in the future.  Please sign up for our Product Update Mailing List to receive information on upgrades to our product as we implement them.  We want your business, so you won't be bombarded with non-pertinent e-mail or e-mail from any other company.   Click Here to sign up.

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