AMTS - Aviation Maintenance Tracking System.  Alto Computer System's Aviation Maintenance Software

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Principle Features
  • Tracks Recurrent and One Time Maintenance - ADs, SBs, Life Limited, 100 hour inspections, etc.,
  • Track Trends - Unlimited number of User defined fields to track,
  • Inventory Tracking - Serialized and non-Serialized. Purchase Orders.
  • Deferred Defect List - Use for MEL's or Defect Tracking where your regulations allow,
  • Unlimited number of users,
  • Generates a Log for Each Component - End to End component tracking.
  • Easily move an engine or any component to a new location - the sub components and all the maintenance records go with it.,
  • Easily change the name, serial number, or anything for a part,
  • Log updates to a Component automatically updates all Attached Components (e.g. Airframe Log automatically updates the Engine Log),
  • View Forecasted Maintenance by Airframe in the time frame you choose (next "X" hours, cycles, days...),
  • View Maintenance History of any Component,
  • All Reports are easily transferred to a file format such as Excel Spreadsheets for further analysis (Graphs, Statistics, etc.),
  • Easily change any information (Name, Serial number, etc.) on any part of the system,
  • See our list of upcoming features below...

Benefits of Alto-AMTS

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  • Your Alto-AMTS software is hosted and managed on our servers 24/7,
  • You have the option at anytime to transfer your site to a standalone version at your own company,
  • Flexible structure allows you to define your own Categories, etc. of Components - For example, you could create a Category called "Shop Tools" and a Sub Category called "Calibrated Tools", and then track all your tool calibration requirements with Alto-AMTS,
  • Unlimited Tech Support,
  • Our Webs are designed with speed in mind - no images or Fancy Features that add little to being useful here.  You will find that Alto-AMTS runs almost as fast whether you are on a phone line or a Cable modem.

Server & Data Hosting Features

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Daily Backups
  • Redundant T3 Connections
  • Powerful P4 Servers

Upcoming Features

  • Inventory Tracking,
  • Purchase Order System,

We understand that your needs may not match our product at this time, however as our product evolves, you may find the nature of it's flexibility will suit your needs better in the future.  Please sign up for our Product Update Mailing List to receive information on upgrades to our product as we implement them.  We want your business, so you won't be bombarded with non-pertinent e-mail or e-mail from any other company.   Click Here to sign up.

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