AMTS - Aviation Maintenance Tracking System.  Alto Computer System's Aviation Maintenance Software

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AMTS tm - Flexible Aviation Maintenance Tracking over the Internet at an extremely affordable price.

Track anything - ADs, SBs, etc. by hours, cycles, days, months, years. Easily move parts from one location to another while maintaining all the records.

Maintenance Forecasting allows any authorized person in your organization, anywhere in the world to identify what maintenance is due and when.

When personnel perform maintenance away from the home base, they can log on with any internet connection and update the status.  Instantly, Management personnel know the new status of your fleet.

Track where every part acquired every single hour and cycle.  On what day and which airframe.

Switch an engine to a new airframe?  Simple - all the maintenance records for that engine, including every part on that engine goes with it.

New Feature: Inventory Tracking !  Manage your inventory (serialized and non-serialized) with AMTS. Create Purchase Orders. Review past purchases - see a list of every purchase you made on a given part: Every Vendor, and at what price.

AMTS also does Trends Monitoring - Create an unlimited number of User defined items (egt, OAT, S.O.A.P results, anything) to track at any interval (hours, cycles, days, years) on any Component.

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